Support Services

Institutions’ Support Services

Generally, international offices or student affairs offices of institutions provide a full spectrum of information and support services from pre-arrival to adaptation to life and study and even after-graduation job search, including those on scholarship, language, and academic support, on-arrival reception and orientation programs, counseling, student accommodation, career guidance, further studies, etc.

For details of what services your institution provides for overseas students, please check out the international office’s or student affairs office’s website, or contact them directly.

Consulates and Embassies in Vietnam

Currently, The Vietnamese capital Hanoi hosts 80 embassies, and in addition, there are 59 consulates and four other representations in Ho Chi Minh City. To find contact details of any of these offices, please click here.


Please, while in Vietnam, do not hesitate to contact the police force if you face any emergencies, e.g. when your body gets hurt or your valuables are stolen. The Vietnamese police force administers a range of different hotlines for instant assistance. In case of emergency situations, please call the number specified for the emergency type:

Emergency rescue: 112

Police: 113

Fire: 114

Ambulance: 115

Support for children: 1800 1567

Information directory in English: region code + 1080 (Example: Ho Chi Minh 028 1080, Hanoi: 024 1080)

 or contact the nearest police station immediately.